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La Jolla Tours How to See the Best La Jolla Attractions in 3 Days

How to See the Best La Jolla Attractions in 3 Days

La Jolla, as the name implies, is a beautiful, fun, and vibrant place. Your holiday will be packed with fun and activities. But when you only have three days to explore this beautiful destination, you’ll need to plan ahead. Depending on what you like to do on a vacation, La Jolla has a lot to offer. Here we’ll try to cover the best La Jolla attractions to see in 3 days and you can choose the ones you prefer to build your vacation around.


Dining is usually one of the main attractions of La Jolla. Here you can find everything from casual to fine dining. Whatever your food choices, you’ll find a restaurant, cafe, or diner here to satisfy your appetite. But you need to try out the local cuisine. Seafood features heavily here, and if you are a fan, then you’re in luck, as the seafood is fresh and delicious!


Since you’re in La Jolla, you must have plans to visit the beach. As well you should, as the beaches here are exquisite and the water is pristine. Whether you like to relax on the beach and enjoy the fresh air or you find the thrill of water sports irresistible, there’s a lot to do here. Surfing is a popular sport here as it is all over California.

La Jolla Tours

The best way to explore the area is to take one or many of the La Jolla tours offered here. There are adventure tours, walking tours, restaurant tours, and boat tours. The tours cover just about any activity you can think of. Tours take you where you usually wouldn’t go and explore aside of La Jolla that isn’t clear to the casual observer.


Evening has arrived, but you’re not ready to head back to your vacation rental. Not at all. The nightlife in La Jolla is about to start and you don’t want to miss out the fun. Live performances are big here and you’ll find many visiting performers throughout the year. The Comedy Store and La Jolla Symphony & Chorus are two of the recommended places to find some top-notch entertainment for the whole family. But that’s not all. There are shows, live theatre, and music as well, so pick your show and enjoy your evening out.

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