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La Jolla Scuba Diving Fun Things to Do for Spring Break in La Jolla

Fun Things to Do for Spring Break in La Jolla

It’s spring again, and along with it comes the sun, the blue skies, and the pleasant weather. And you know what that means: It’s time to pack and head over to La Jolla, California to enjoy your Spring Break and welcome the fun season in style! There’s a lot to do and enjoy around here for spring break in La Jolla, so let’s get right to it.

Go Tide Pooling

People who just love tide pooling know that La Jolla has two great spots for this sport. Both Shell Beach and Dike Rock attract thousands of people every year. Of course, you’ll need to wait until it’s low tide to get the full beauty of the marine life at these spots. Starfish and octopus are the stars of the show. Dike Rock, part of the La Jolla Underwater Park marine reserve, offers more amazing views, especially to the north side.

Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Both of those popular sports are for the adventurous type. If the thrill of the beach and an adrenaline rush are what you’re after, either of these two sports will do the job. You’ll fly with experienced and certified instructors, so safety will not be an issue. As you glide over the coast, the beauty of La Jolla reveals itself in front of your eyes.

La Jolla Scuba Diving

One way to explore the marine life and get up close and personal with the inhabitants of the sea is to go snorkeling or La Jolla scuba diving. You can either rent your equipment, pick your spot and go for it, or you can choose a snorkeling tour where a guide will accompany you to the hotspots where the fish get together for a casual meal.

Yoga on the Beach

You read that right. Yoga on the beach is all the rage in La Jolla. After all, the yogi who invented the system wasn’t practicing in a studio; yoga is part of nature and is best done in the arms of nature, preferably on a beach. You can enjoy this fantastic experience in the morning on weekends.

Choose the Vacation Rental That’s Right for You

We have a large collection of vacation rentals in La Jolla, California, and we’re always adding more properties to our list. We are confident you will find the right vacation home to spend your Spring Break holiday in La Jolla. Call us today and we’ll match you with the perfect home to make your vacation a truly memorable one.