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Beers at a la jolla brewery La Jolla’s Brewery Places | Enjoy Some Great Beer| La Jolla Vacation Rentals

La Jolla’s Brewery Places | Enjoy Some Great Beer| La Jolla Vacation Rentals

Let us start by saying a word or two about our feelings on the craft beer craze that has overtaken the world: Hurray! For far too long, beer has been the forgotten and mistreated step sibling of wine, but this is no more! Pushing wine to the side (gently though, as wine is the innocent here, it’s the wine snobs who have caused the rift in the cocktail world!) breweries and craft beer pubs have risen to top ranks at last and visiting them is one of our favorite things to do in La Jolla California! And because La Jolla and its surrounding regions are always eager and willing to try out the latest and the greatest, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite La Jolla Brewery places for you to sample! Grab a cab or other ride share service, your bottled waters (its important to hydrate!) and let the taste testing begin now! Cheers!

La Jolla Brewing Company’s Cove Side Stout- Named for the many beautiful beaches found throughout the La Jolla and San Diego area, this Russian Imperial Stout will keep you warm and happy on the coldest day of winter. Found at La Jolla Brewing Company, 7536 Fay Avenue.

Karl Strauss’ Brewing Company’s Mosaic Session IPA- Karl Strauss is known for its innovative brewing techniques, and this IPA is a strong example of its success! Crisp, smooth, and flavorful, the hints of grapefruit and other tropical fruits make Mosaic the perfect beach beer. Available in cans, it can be enjoyed on any of our California beaches! Found at 5985 Santa Fe Street in San Diego.

New English Brewing’s Blueberry Blonde- Craft beer adventurers will enjoy this seasonal IPA that celebrates the warm fall weather of San Diego with flair, style, and a light purple color derived from the blueberries that give Blueberry Blonde its name! This IPA is also a favorite with those who are new to the beer world and prefer a more fruity, less beer-y taste! Found at 11545 Sorrento Valley Rd #305 in San Diego.

Amplified Ale Works’ Rare Form- While a higher alcohol volume doesn’t necessarily mean better taste, it can mean a more satisfying beer drinking experience and Amplified Ale Works Rare Form offers one of the best experiences around. Featuring a 12.5 % ABV, this strong beer is not just a local favorite; it is loved by visitors from all over the world! Found at the Pacific Beach Beer Garden and Brew Pub at 4150 Mission Boulevard #208 in San Diego.

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Many, if not all, of the above listed beers, can be purchased in bottle, can, or even growler form to be enjoyed in the comfortable luxury of your La Jolla vacation cottage! Reserve yours today!