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Top Haunted Tourist Things to do in La Jolla San Diego

Top Haunted Tourist Things to do in La Jolla San Diego


When the days get shorter and the pumpkins begin grinning from the porch, we find ourselves drawn to the unnatural and unsettling. There are several things to do in La Jolla San Diego that are notorious for giving people the spooks.

Grande Colonial Hotel

The Grande Colonial is a stately, charming edifice in La Jolla. Viewed from a distance in twilight, it may seem like the perfect place for a haunting—except the hotel features no strange stories: no jilted lovers committing suicide, no murders for unpaid debts, nothing of the sort. And yet, people still report some unlikely—even unexplainable—events happening around the hotel. Staff have reported phone calls from unoccupied rooms. Guests have reported apparitions and unexplained noises, such as heavy footsteps from empty hallways and slamming doors. Whatever the situation, at least the hauntings seem benign!

The Whaley House – Things to do in La Jolla San Diego

This place is so circumspect, it is still open today in Old Town San Diego as a museum advertising itself as “supposedly haunted.” With the number of surprising deaths that have happened in the old house, it would be almost strange if it wasn’t haunted. People insist they see the lights flicker in the house, or see figures in the windows when no one is there. If you want to test the stories for yourself, sign up for a tour!

Point Loma Lighthouse

If you’re willing to drive to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park—it’s a bit of a drive around SeaWorld and Mission Bay, but worth it—we recommend going all the way south to Point Loma Lighthouse. It’s a lovely, secluded spot where tourists and locals sometimes come for a picnic or the scenery. But, visit on a misty day and you won’t be surprised to hear it’s haunted. There have been reports of moaning and other strange sounds—possibly related to the ghost rumored to live there. If you’re a ghost hunter and haven’t visited a lonely lighthouse yet, we recommend checking out one of our favorite things to do in La Jolla San Diego!

La Jolla: Peaceful and Pristine

Even if you’re not out looking for specters or spooks, you’ll have a beautiful time in La Jolla, whether enjoying the natural or the supernatural. The lovely climate by the gorgeous ocean has enticed people since the early days of the city—combine them with a vacation rental that’s welcoming and comfortable, and you have the perfect getaway in store! Just call us at 858-459-5491 to learn more about how we can make the perfect vacation for you!