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Free Things to Do in La Jolla for Your Vacations

Free Things to Do in La Jolla for Your Vacations

La Jolla is one of the most charming towns in one of the most charming areas in the world. It is known for its amazing beaches, incomparable shopping, and vibrant community, but when you take a closer look, you will find much more than that. Many people believe it is impossible to spend a day here without spending a hard day’s earnings. Well, with these free things to do in La Jolla, you will leave with some of your best memories for an investment of nothing more than your time.

The Secret Swings

When you approach the secret swings, it is hard to believe they are real. It seems like something out of children’s book: two large swings on the precipice of a cliff overlooking one of the most splendid scenes. You can access the cliff with a short hike from Expedition Way on the outskirts of UCSD. When you reach the top, you can take a blissful swing going solo or on the bench swing. Gently swaying to and fro while admiring this most pristine coast will provide for one of the most free and splendid ways to spend an afternoon in La Jolla. It’s definitely one of the best free things to do in La Jolla!

Mount Soledad

Many people simply know Mount Soledad as the massive cross above the city. But this amazing attraction is actually a veteran’s memorial placed atop the tallest peak throughout the city. Hiking to the top or simply taking a drive up brings you to a gorgeous memorial. Experiencing this is great in and of itself, but when you turn around to see the amazing views that this vantage point provides, it will become your favorite place to spend a day or an evening. Bringing a picnic with you to the top of Mount Soledad will provide for some amazing quality time for you and your group.

Mushroom Beach

The beaches in San Diego and La Jolla in particular are beautiful and relaxing. This is not a very well-kept secret however, so there can be large crowds on any given day. Mushroom Beach, however, is a well-kept secret, making it the perfect place to find a quiet day on the beach. Not only that, it is one of the more unique sections of coastline you will encounter, as the name comes from amazing rock formations in the shape of mushroom caps. You will find it just to the south of the more popular Windansea Beach.

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