COVID-19 Announcement: For more information about our current policies and procedures, please click here.

COVID-19 Information

In these unprecedented days of Covid-19 we would like our community to know that we are offering safe-zone housing for those who are at high risk in their homes, first responders and/ or healthy individuals who live in high rises where they need to share elevators, laundry rooms and lobbies that makes social distancing next to impossible.

Our single family homes make social distancing possible.

Our homes are being disinfected thoroughly with diluted bleach and hospital grade disinfectant.  We are keeping the homes vacant for 24 hrs between guests and all are being thoroughly disinfected, every door handle, faucet, and all areas that are subject to touch.

We are staying informed and updated on all policies issued by the government.

We will get through this together!

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.