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Prestige Rentals

Prestige Rentals

When transportation is your goal and just about any car won’t do, then you’re looking for something special for that special occasion. Whether you’re seeking a sports car, a luxury vehicle or yacht to take you on a pleasure cruise, you can find it at Prestige Rentals. This San Diego rental service has a lot to offer the one looking for an exceptional ride. Because nothing says luxury and taste better than an exotic car or a luxury yacht to add a romantic atmosphere to your wedding, bridal shower, anniversary celebration or even a family reunion. Make your special event a memorable one with one of their luxury rentals.

Yachts for that Pleasure Cruise

Ask anyone about their dream party, special anniversary, or that really important event and they’d say it has to be on a yacht. A yacht can turn any event into an exquisite experience that will live in people’s memories for years to come. It adds class to the occasion and ensures everyone will have a great time. With a great fleet of yachts that range from the 46-foot, cozy yacht accommodating 12 guests to the 143-foot luxurious yacht that can host 32 guests and 6 crew comfortably. No matter the event or the size of the group, you’re bound to find the yacht that you dream of.

Luxury, Exotic, and Sports Cars

Adding a luxury car to your vacation in Las Vegas or Palm Springs can be the difference between a mediocre visit and a great vacation. With a long and outstanding service covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Southern California, Prestige Rentals has a lot to offer the traveler with a special taste. Choose between the latest models in sports and luxury cars that add a thrill to your vacation. Why travel in a plain car when you can have an exotic car? Give them a call at 858-551-6001 or email at Their office is at 636 Broadway, Ste A, San Diego, CA 92101.

Dream Vacation Home in San Diego


Speaking of luxury, and since you arrived in town in a first-class car, no doubt you’d be looking for that special vacation home to complement your visit. Our rentals are geared up to make your stay a memorable one. From fully-equipped kitchens to fresh linens, towels, and bathroom supplies, we offer you a vacation home to fall in love with. There’s plenty to do in San Diego, but we all know that a great vacation starts with a great vacation home. Check out these amazing and very convenient equipment rentals today!

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