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5 Reasons to Have a La Jolla Christmas

5 Reasons to Have a La Jolla Christmas

It happens every year at this time: The malls start decorating for Christmas before the last trick or treater has started counting his candy, Christmas music begins playing on the radio, and we start to watch the systematic decimation of our bank accounts as we buy gifts for family members we haven’t seen in years! Christmas is coming friends; isn’t it time to do something different? For the last 10 years you’ve been saying, “Next year, I’m getting off this roller coaster!” Well, next year is here, and we’ve compiled this list of La Jolla Christmas!

The Weather Outside is Delightful

When you look outside your window, what do you see? Slushy gray snow that lost its appeal somewhere after the third storm hit at Thanksgiving? If you’re dreaming of a sunny Christmas, La Jolla is where you want to be this year; pack your sunglasses and flip flops and start enjoying all the La Jolla California things to do during winter for your La Jolla Christmas!

Someone Else Can Roast the Chestnuts

Just imagine Christmas dinner prepared by SOMEONE ELSE, served to you with a smile, AND NO CLEAN UP involved! Restaurants like George’s at the Cove, Duke’s La Jolla, Herringbone La Jolla, and so many others are offering special holiday meals. Eat, drink, and be merry; someone else is doing the hard stuff in La Jolla!

Wait Until You See What We See

We go all out with our Christmas light displays, and the warmer weather means you’ll actually enjoy walking through the different neighborhoods! We’re not sure if you can see them in space, but the light shows on Christmas Card Lane in Rancho Penasquitos, Christmas Park in Clairemont, and Jingle Bell Hill in El Cajon are uniquely California and entirely amazing!

This Is the Year for a Christmas Tan

Won’t your friends and family back in New York be completely jealous when you come home with a tan at Christmas? Pack a picnic lunch, some beach toys, and head to La Jolla Shores for a day of fun in the sun. If you stay until after dark, some of the local beaches permit bonfires, so why not roast some s’mores and sing Christmas carols as you have yourself a merry little beach Christmas!

Book a Stay To Enjoy a La Jolla Christmas

Even if it’s not something you do every year, a Christmas escape is just what the doctor ordered! Build a fire in the fireplace and bake some cookies in one of our fully-equipped La Jolla vacation homes!