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Secret Swings in La Jolla 2 Amazing Attractions You Won’t Find in a La Jolla Guidebook

2 Amazing Attractions You Won’t Find in a La Jolla Guidebook

La Jolla is one of California’s most popular beachfront locales with its dramatic coastlines and incredible views. The beach town, known as the jewel of San Diego, is also popular for its outdoor cafes, shopping, and healthy restaurants. The beachside community is also full of several “hidden gems” which gives La Jolla its unique charm. Here are some of the most uncommon La Jolla attractions that you won’t find in a La Jolla guidebook.

Visit the Secret Swings in La Jolla

Hidden in the trees on a hillside are the Secret Swings in La Jolla. The three swings are located on a cliff overlooking La Jolla. You can embrace your inner child while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze and take in the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean beneath you. If you walk to the left of the swings you will find a treehouse. Both the swings and the treehouse are very sturdy and can be enjoyed by both adults and kids.

To get the swings head up Torrey Pines Rd and take a left onto La Jolla Shores Drive. After about a quarter of a mile look for parking near the UCSD Coastal Apartments. Walk along the apartments until you see Discovery Way. Make a left at Discovery Way and cross the street where you will see three metal poles. Once you pass the poles, the swings will be to your right. The Secret Swings in La Jolla is a place you won’t find in any La Jolla guidebook!

Explore a Cave on the Beach in this La Jolla Guidebook

La Jolla is known for its oceanside caves, and contrary to popular belief, several of these caves are accessible by foot during very low tides. Usually, you need a kayak to visit the caves, but during the right time, you can hike down into the caves.

The path to the caves begins by the Marine Room restaurant. Head south where you will pass several tide pools. You will eventually get to a large grotto that stretches more than 50 feet high.

Inside the cave, you will see sandstone walls that have been dyed all colors of the rainbow by the ocean. You can walk further back into the grotto where you will find tide pools and sea life attached to the walls of the cave. But be careful and mindful of the incoming tide. The second the tide starts to rise, you will want to make sure to head back.

Planning Your Stay

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